Interview Tips if You Want to Get into Sales and Finance

Sales and finance are stressful industries that require extensive knowledge. You need to be up to date every day in order to stay competitive. In an interview the interviewer will test your resistance against stress and the fast going style of the finance/sales industry. The best way to pass an interview is to come prepared, to know what you want to say to common questions, and to keep up with the pace that the interviewer sets.

Common interview questions don’t necessarily have to do with Sales or Finance. They are mostly questions like “Where do you see yourself in the next three or five years?”. But every interview holds hard questions related to the main topic as you can see from these interview questions and answers from AMP . And here are a few tips to get through it without panic or stress.

Preparation in general

Not just for an interview in the Sales and Finance industry you must prepare yourself. Know the company you want to work for and ask yourself what they are looking for. Do your research about background information before you go into the interview – you don’t want to be surprised by the questions “Why do you want to work for our company” or similar questions and don’t have a unique answer to it.

Show your interviewer that you did your research and that you came prepared. Another great point is to prepare a few questions about the company and about how it will be working together. This shows interest. If you have a portfolio to present or some previous work that will highlight you from others, feel welcome to prepare it and show it to the interviewer. This will give him a better overview about you and your work. Be confident and know your strengths and weaknesses.

Be up to date

It is a fast industry and the interviewer might test how up to date you are and if you are really interested. As “Investopedia” said already, the interviewer will ask for small details, which gives him an idea about your interest in Sales and Finance. Be updated daily to be able to keep up with the interview questions. But besides the practical part, you should have an idea about the theory behind it. The interviewer will most likely also ask general theoretical questions.

Tricky questions

Some questions might not have anything to do with Finances and Sales. These are the tricky questions in an interview that may com surprisingly. And this is what the interviewer wants – he wants to surprise you and catch you in an unprepared moment. These questions will tease your brain and it help the interviewer to get an idea about how good you are in analytical thinking since Finance and Sales are based on this.

The best way to answer them is to take your time. There is no need to answer in a rush and get confused in the end. It is not a competition to win, it will simply show your ability to think first. “Investopedia” has good examples for these brain teasing questions on their page. However, think things through first and try to put terms in a simpler way than they seem to be. That will help to get to the right answer.

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